more procedural cities

(continued from here)

I’ve been tweaking the secondary road generation (adding things like crossroads), and now I’ve got cities that look like this:

Next up: start looking at tertiary roads and building generation.

I’d love to start having curved roads and rivers in there too, but they’ll have to wait!

playing with procedural cities

Procedural worlds are awesome. I started playing with Processing and making some!

Unfortunately, Processing is based on Java which doesn’t have operator overloading. Ordinarily I’d be fine with that, but this is gonna get mathsy, so I switched to Cinder, which is C++. After a mercifully swift porting effort, we were back up:

It’s a promising start, but it’s way too rectilinear. I’m going to have to back up and look at generating a road network before anything’s going to look much better. After playing a bit, I found that a random Voronoi diagram seems to give me a nice starting point for the major zoning of a city:

Going beyond a voronoi diagram seems pretty gnarly though 🙁

I started collecting some reference: Now I have some ideas on what might work, I started playing:

There’s clearly still a lot of work to be done!

To be continued…